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    InfinityIconInc. established in 2005, having a hope in the heart for a better, more reliable and safe World-Wide-Web Solution Services for The Green Country - Pakistan.

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    Having the love within us for the Green World and affaction for the hardworking and devoted developers of our Green Country, we InfinityIconInc, based in Pakistan, provide the reliable hosting and development services for Businesses and Non-Business Clients.

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  • Why Choose Us?

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    "The one who lives with you and goes through with you, can understand your problems better than the one who is far away!"

    We understand that you face a lot of issues when you rander services from abroad. Like:

    • Site Suspension without Informing
    • No Proper Domain Ownership
    • Paid Support to resolve Small Issues
    • Overseas Payment Problems
    • Clock Differences
    • Losely Controlled Services
    • Huge Phone-call Charges

    We gurantee that we can eliminate all above problems by Locally providing you the International Quality Standards with way more Responsiveness. We donot take any action regarding any website prior infroming the respected owner. You can access our experienced Support by Call and can get solutions for your website problems free of cost.

  • Services


    Our Hosting Service fits all the need of your Business Web Application. We host your Business Web Application on our state of the art Web-Servers, those are reliable, efficient and capable to give 99.99% uptime to your Web Applications.


    For Web-Development, we have a team of Professional Web Designers and Expert Coders those know the art of converting your business logic into a successful web project. Our professionals design Web Applications in Native PHP and MySQL.


    To Advertise your online business we have websites in our portfolio those are content rich and having audiences with diversified backgrounds. Means we have a perfect match of the target audiance that your website promotion.

    Android App Development

    We also link your Web-Applications with Android Enabled Cell-phones. We can create an Android Application for you so that your loyal clients get all the latest infromation from your website right on their cell-phones.

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    Email: InfinityIcon@live.com